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Buttercup is a white unicorn having a yellow mane plus a pink nose. Irrespective of his appearance, he has a really gruff voice and sarcastic personality. He is the main to introduce himself to Woody when Bonnie brings him residence, and tells Woody, coupled with Trixie, Dolly, Mr.

When Andy's pals came to his birthday occasion, the toys panicked in believing that they may be replaced with new toys and Mr. Spell, in addition to basically Absolutely everyone else aside from Woody, ran to the window in stress to see the scale with the presents.

Marie Antoinette and her little sister—Marie Antoinette and her minor sister are a firm of two headless dolls from Hannah's tea occasion. One is Barbie without her unique legs (she has spare legs from the rag doll entire body), and the 2nd is rag doll in violet bloom gown.

Bonnie Anderson seems in Toy Story 3 as among the list of kids who goes to Sunnyside Daycare, and is the second/latest operator of Woody, Excitement and the other toys. Her mom, Mrs. Anderson (voiced by Lori Alan) is effective from the entrance desk. Whilst she has an active imagination and boisterous method when fiddling with her toys, she's shy and withdrawn when she is all over adults, but she speedily warms as much as Andy, when he donates his toys to her.

Whiskers could be the community cat from the initial film. He/she is occupying among the bushes in Andy's property since the toys scan for Buzz which has a flashlight.

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Trixie is often a blue toy Triceratops who might be of a similar toyline as Rex. All through one of Bonnie's toys' improv classes, she mentions coming from the health practitioner with "everyday living-shifting information.

Rex defeats Zurg by chance, sending him falling off the elevator to his evident doom by knocking him off-harmony together with his tail when he turns absent as Zurg prepares to shoot Utility Belt Buzz, upsetting him. He is final viewed playing catch together with his "father," the Zurg toy, whose Perspective toward Utility Belt Buzz has altered once the fall.

He assists the toys escape by battling with Rex to distract Excitement, who has been switched to demo mode by Lotso, in order that Jessie can lure him below a plastic container. Hamm and Rex, getting the heaviest on the toys, sit on top of the container to stop Excitement from escaping. When Woody returns with Excitement's handbook to change him back, Hamm reads the Guidelines even though the Other people hold Excitement down. Once they were about to die from the incinerator, Hamm grabbed the arms of Slinky and Rex. Later on, once the toys are rescued from an incinerator-associated Dying within the dump due to Lotso's selfishness, Hamm, along with Slinky, needs revenge, but Woody talks them both out of it. He's donated in addition to Andy's other toys to Bonnie, where he becomes greatest pals with Buttercup.

He and Legs Visit the front porch through the vent, and Ducky, suspended from the porch ceiling by Legs, swings toward the doorbell until eventually he lastly activates it, offering Woody the sign to launch the Frog. Ducky catches the Frog as Legs reels the two toys as much as protection.

At the end of the film, he will get a different "squeaker" and sings "You have a buddy in Me," the ending theme of the movie. Over the outtakes, he describes himself as "not a very good catcher" as he fails to catch Mike's microphone As a result hurting himself a number of times.

He life in Ken's Dreamhouse, a giant yellow doll residence with a few stories, a check here considerable wardrobe home, and an elevator. Barbie at first breaks up with Ken when she finds him, Lotso, in addition to a reset Buzz Lightyear locking up her friends. Piqued, Ken orders her locked up also.

Andrew "Andy" Davis Jr.[9] will be the owner of Woody, Buzz and one other toys in Just about every in the a few movies. He lived together with his mom and sister Molly, but still left to go to college when he was 17. Having said that, his father is never found or mentioned from the movies and supplementary resources suggest that Andy's father died of article-polio syndrome while others believe that the relatives is divorced.

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